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Outgassing – no, it is not a bodily function.  It is when chemical particles are released from something plastic.  Often, a windshield will have a film on the inside.  It can be tough to clean, it can hinder your visual driving at night.   Like us, you may have just grabbed your cleaner and thought, “How the heck does my windshield get so dirty inside?”

However, that new car smell may actually be outgassing.  The heat of the summer interacts with UV-rays on glass and the interior plastic parts.  At times, the interior of the vehicle can reach 110 degrees and that temperature can release toxic chemicals.  The chemical gasses and particles cause an oily film to cling to the windshield.

Check out this mom’s blog to see her experiment with this.  This is the photo from her experiment.

In a 2006 article, L.A. Time writer, Ralph Vartabedian stated: As PVC ages, the plasticizers form gases which escape from the plastic. Out gassing causes an oily fog on interior car windows that are a headache to clean up and ultimately restrict visibility. Although all PVC undergoes some out gassing of plasticizers, it is more pronounced in a car because on hot sunny days, a PVC dashboard can reach 200 degrees. Ultraviolet rays also accelerate PVC aging and out gassing.

In fact, Car Talk interviewed Ecology expert Jeff Gearhart who did a study on this topic.   He said, “The problem is that many of these chemicals are unregulated when it comes to using them in car interiors. And they have all kinds of negative impacts on your health. Short-term problems include headaches and nausea.”

Gearhart also said, “The average American spends over 1.5 hours in his car every day … and over time, that’s thousands of hours, sitting there breathing those fumes.
Long term, the result can be memory loss, cognitive, nervous and immune system problems, hormone and reproductive disorders and cancer. Did I mention memory loss?
Also, memory loss.”

So, what can you do to protect yourself?   Gearhart suggests, “When you park your car, leave the windows open a crack to improve ventilation. Open your doors and thoroughly ventilate your car before getting in.
You can also park in the shade whenever possible, or use a solar reflector in the windshield, because heat and UV exposure accelerates the release of some chemicals.”

At Polzin Glass, we recommend periodic cleaning of your window’s interior as a normal maintenance function.   People often think that low light glare is normal.  That is not the case.  Clean glass allows light to pass through it unhindered.  Please keep your interior windshield & all other windows clean for your safety.


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