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When a farmer has broken glass in his tractor cab, it is usually something they want to get fixed quickly so that no time in the field is lost.  At Polzin Glass, our Faribault and Northfield locations can assist with all makes and models of tractor cabs.

However, there are a few questions that we may need answers to that can help speed up the process.

Q: Did the glass crack or shatter in a million little pieces?

A: If it is cracked then it is probably Laminated glass and if it shattered then it is Tempered glass.
Tractor Glass

Q: Is the glass intact?

A: If so, it is Laminated glass and we can use that piece to make a pattern and cut a new piece.  If you lost or threw the glass away, we will need to make a pattern from the metal frame and then cut the new glass from that pattern.


Q:  Did the glass have a hole in it for wipers or hinges?

A: If so, you would need to get a new piece of glass from a tractor dealer and we will install it for you.  If you chose to do this, please call us to schedule an appointment.


Q: Do you still have the rubber that held the glass?

A: If  you still have the rubber and it is in good shape, we can reuse the old rubber. If you do not have the old rubber or it is cracked/ripped, we do have new rubber gasket for it.


Q: Can you bring the window or frame to the shop?

A: If you can bring the frame to our Northfield or Faribault shop, it will save you money.   Of course, if you need us to we can come there to make the pattern(s) & then come back to install once we cut & sand the new glass to the patterns.


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