Polzin Glass

A windshield does more than keep out wind, rain, snow and flying debris. It also serves as a safety shield to protect you and your passengers. That’s why an improper windshield installation can be dangerous.

If you need your vehicle’s windshield replaced, look beyond cost to the quality of the installer.  At Polzin Glass, we keep on the latest training, products and industry standards.  We don’t cut corners and you can count on our integrity.

Defective installation at a seemingly bargain price can result in serious injury and even death if the windshield fails during a crash. You risk being thrown through the windshield or rear window and being crushed during a rollover due to improper installation. Unfortunately, when someone comes in with a vehicle, with a windshield installation that was faulty, it’s not easy to fix! We normally can’t tell what is wrong without doing a bunch of tests to figure it out. Then, in most situations, we will need to remove the glass and re-install it (if it doesn’t break when we take it out), so that we can get it installed properly. We have seen it far too many times, the insurance company makes you think you don’t have a choice on where you take your own car (Even though Minnesota State law allows you to go to ANY shop of your choice) so don’t be fooled! Call us at Polzin Glass and we will help you get the claim made, then we will take care of all the paperwork and even bill your insurance company for you too.

As experienced glass installers, will assure you are protected by carefully removing the old windshield and sealant, by cleaning the area, and by using OEM quality glass and manufacturer recommended adhesives for the replacement.

Any issues you are currently having, with the glass sealing to the body, indicate weakening of the vehicle’s structural integrity. If you spot problem areas, see Polzin Glass.  Only then can you be certain you and your passengers are fully protected while on the road.

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