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Ah, Summer.  It is that time when Minnesotans get outdoors and start adventures.  It is also the time of year that you get your camper or RV out of storage and do an inspection to see what needs to be taken care of before your summer adventures can get started. If you find that the little rock chip from last summer’s travel has turned into a big crack, don’t worry, just call your local glass shop (like Polzin Glass) and let us handle the glass damage, you can just relax and get ready for a fun summer!
RV Glass Repair

Before you cancel or delay your summer getaway because of broken glass, here are some tips on gathering the right information so you can get in, get it repaired and get on your way.

Most all RV and camper glass takes a little more work to get done properly. It’s best if you have all the information from the manufacturer sticker and your policy card for the insurance. It can also help if you have pictures of the damaged glass/window/screen.

You could make cardboard templates for the exact glass size and shape that you need, but it’s best if you let a professional make the patterns. Even better, just remove the frame and bring it in or stop by with the camper or RV for the shop (like Polzin Glass) to look at it.  At times, tempered safety glass may be ordered to fit your patterns, or even polycarbonate (plastic).

We’ll look at the damage and suggest the safest solution for you and your family.

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As glass experts, we often find ourselves telling customers that we provide O.E.M. quality glass.  Yet, what does that mean to you, the customer?

O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Perfectly clear now, right?   Actually, knowing what it stands for is just part of the equation.  O.E.M. quality glass is the best quality available.  It means the O.E.M. quality glass is the same color, DURABILITY, thickness, size and shape as the original window specs.  Sometimes even better quality!!

In addition, this high-quality glass means protection for you and your family.  When it comes to replacing a windshield, it is part of the safety structure of your vehicle!!  This is not the place to cut corners & get cheap low quality glass.

Some glass repair shops will use the cheaper options, we will not.  To us, keeping you, your family and friends safe in your car in much more important than cutting a few corners to save a few extra dollars.

When choosing for your families safety, chose O.E.M. quality glass installed by Polzin Glass in Northfield & Faribault.

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