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According to an Article from Matt Helms, when it comes to that nasty film that builds up on the inside of windshields, blame your dashboard — or any other number of plastics and vinyl products used in automotive interiors.   So, what is the film inside your windshield?

Per the article:

Our dashboards and other interior components are supple and long lasting for a reason — there are chemical compounds in them to make them that way. Without those ingredients, they’d get brittle and be prone to cracks.

Problem is, those chemicals don’t stay stuck to the vinyl or plastic forever. They gas out, especially in heat, and stick to nearby surfaces such as our windshields.

“The process that you are observing is called desorption,” writes David Felbeck, a University of Michigan professor emeritus of mechanical engineering. “This is the process where individual molecules that are weakly attached to a surface randomly get kicked off into space and then are deposited on another surface.

“The problem is worse with new cars because there is so much junk put into upholstery to make it look good. If you have ever kept a car for many years (as I did during my student years), you would notice that the problem diminishes with time. I currently have a 2-year-old car and I still have the desorption problem.”

You can reduce the amount of plastics-related chemicals you breathe by keeping windows open a crack and by setting the heater or air-conditioning so that they draw in fresh air rather than recirculate inside air.

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