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Signs your windshield was improperly installed


When it comes to windshields, quality installation of a quality product by a trained specialist is a must. The windshield, like seatbelts and air bags, is part of a vehicle’s safety restraint system designed to keep you and your passengers safe.


Improperly installed windshields can compromise that safety, causing death or injury during a crash. Failure of the windshield can affect passenger side air bag deployment, reduce roof support integrity and cause drivers and passengers to eject if a windshield detaches.


Without federal laws regulating the glass industry, care needs to be taken in finding a highly-experienced technician focused on safety rather than simply installing a windshield.

Man repairing and replacing the glass on a car.


Basic questions and observations will assure you’ve chosen a trained installer like Polzin Glass

who will do the job right. Ask questions about prep work, cleaning and use of a rust inhibitor. Exposed metal can result in rust and a weakened seal, a major safety problem.


Check that the newly-installed windshield is centered and lies flush to the vehicle’s frame. Molding around the glass should also lie flat. Wind or water leaks signal air pockets. All indicate possible inferior installation.


Glass that appears wavy suggests the windshield does not meet manufacturer recommended specifications.


By following these basics, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen a trained auto glass installer like Polzin Glass who puts safety first.