Specialty Services

We do all types of edgework on glass for: tabletops, desktops, end tables, coffee tables, night stands, hutches, glass shelves, even glass shelves with grooves in them for displaying plates or other items. Call for additional information, including pricing.

Some types of edgework available:

  • Hand sanding – (Dulls the edges, so they aren’t very sharp. This is done normally when the glass will be going in a frame.)
  • Smoothed Edge – (Between hand sanded & polished, this is done on a water grinder.  It is cheaper than polished edges but it doesn’t have as nice of a finished look as a polished edge does. This edge is mostly used when the edge won’t be seen, but, it will be removed to clean or handled enough to need a better sanded edge than hand sanded.)
  • Polished Edge – (Done on the machine to the right. It gives the glass a nice flat polish.  There are other types of polished or special edges available by special order.  Including; pencil edge, pencil polish, or beveling from 1/2″ thick to 1 3/4″ thick.

We have samples available to help you decide what would be right for you.  Just stop in at either one of our locations and tell us about the project you are working on.  We can help you decide what thickness and type of glass and edgework would be best for your project!


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