Rock Chip Repairs

There are a few different types of Rock Chips. The best way to know if a chip is repairable is to have the trained staff at Polzin Glass look at it. You can stop in anytime we are open; somebody is always available (and trained) to inspect your windshield.

For a blemish in your windshield to be a rock chip, it must have at least these two things in common; an impact point and a crack into the outer layer of the windshield.

There are several characteristics to look for to determine if the chip is repairable or not. The first to look for is the size; if you can cover the entire area that is broken (The impact point and all cracks) with a 50-cent piece, it is probably repairable. Second, if the chip is not in the Acute Area (The Acute Area is the area directly in the driver's view when looking straight ahead.), it also can be repaired. There are other characteristics that the technicians can look for before they begin working on the vehicle.

Rock chip illustration

The Benefits of Rock Chip Repair

  • Improves the optical clarity in the damaged area by reducing the visible damage
  • Creates a smooth surface to prevent interference with the windshield wipers
  • Prevents the original damage from spreading further
  • Adds strength to the windshield