Polzin Glass

When you get a crack in your windshield, you should repair it or it may grow larger.  However, at Polzin Glass, we often get the question if it is “safe” to DIY the repair.

Before you do a windshield DIY repair, here are some things to consider

You Only Get One Shot at Repairing a Crack or a Chip in a Windshield

If the repair is incorrectly made or it does not hold, there is no way to remove the filler that was used to make the repair.  Even if you do get the repair done correctly, you still have a weak spot in your windshield.  It is best to have an expert evaluate the windshield and make sure your car or truck is safe to drive.

You Lack Professional Equipment

You can pick up a repair kit at most any big box store.  However, when you come to Polzin Glass, we have the high-quality resins and all the tools a pro needs to make the repair last and get it done right.

Insurance Won’t Cover a Do-It-Yourself Kit

Many people think that it costs more to hire a professional to repair your windshield chip or crack. But what they fail to realize is that many auto companies offer discounted rates to have your windshield repaired.  This makes hiring a professional a lot more affordable and more in line with do-it-yourself kits.

Get your windshield repaired the right way – contact Polzin Glass today.