Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I drive my car after the windshield has been replaced?

We use OEM quality windshields and OEM quality urethane.  This urethane dries quickly and you are able to safely drive away within an hour of installation.

Will I have to wait with my vehicle?

It is not necessary to wait with your vehicle.  You can drop off your vehicle the night before if you wish.  Please get in touch with Polzin Glass to learn more.

Will you save the stickers that are already on my windshield?

When possible, our technician will take great care to remove any stickers or items on your old windshield and save them for you.

What is OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturer. These manufacturers supply auto glass and windshields directly to auto-makers. This means that OEM replacement windshields are to fit like the original glass and rubber, with the same safety features.  "OEM quality glass" means that it is as close as you can get to your original glass, -it is not cheap or inferior quality glass.  Specific controls must be met in the manufacturing process, and quality inspections completed to be able to install OEM quality glass. You are getting the highest windshield quality available for your vehicle.

Why won't you come to my location to install my glass?

At Polzin Glass, we have a controlled climate installation area.  Plus, it aligns with our commitment to replace your windshield in the same quality environment as it was initially installed.  With our installation area,  you do not have to worry about weather, drying or leaks.  It is all controlled, and we make sure your windshield meets the standards.

When my windshield has been changed, will it be as good as before?

Your windshield will be back to its original quality with a proper installation.

Will my windshield leak?

Not if the windshield is installed correctly, and if you follow some simple instructions:

  • No car wash for a minimum of 24 hours is recommended.
Can I wait to repair my windshield?

Once you have a crack in your windshield, it weakens the overall integrity of the windshield itself.  The windshield is also a large part of the structural strength of the entire roof of the vehicle. That could put both you and your family at risk if you were in an accident.

Depending on your insurance coverage, a car windshield repair may be at no cost to you.  At Polzin Glass, we work with your insurance provider to process the claim and make sure your windshield is restored back to its original condition.