Polzin Glass

In 1977, Gary Polzin bought “The Glass Van”. The Glass Van’s only service was mobile auto glass, serving the Northfield & Faribault area. At that time the business consisted only of a van, a few auto glass tools and two weeks of training.

In 1979, Gary started expanding his services. Customers were so impressed by the quality, care and attention to detail he gave his auto glass work, that they requested other glass services. Gary responded by turning his garage into a shop. Then, to reflect the expansion, he changed the business name to Polzin Glass. The business grew and by 1986 Gary knew he needed more space. So he bought a building at 1001 S. Hwy 3 in Northfield.  Since that time the inside has been completely remodeled and a 30 foot addition was added in 1990. (See photos below)  This location is now being leased.  In Feb. 2004 we moved a half mile south, now on the west side of Hwy 3 and tripled our space.  The new location address is 1325 Bollenbacher Drive.  Read on for the history of our Faribault location.