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Every season has its own challenges.  Here are 5 tips for staying safe on Southern Minnesota roads this fall.

In fall, you may find the streets are slick when covered with wet leaves.  Plus, fall brings more traffic in Southern Minnesota with school starting.   You may also see times of thick morning fog, sun glare and an increase of deer crossing.

During these times, it is important to:

1) Stay alert and focused.  One of our customers said she saw a deer bound across the streets and it took her by surprise.  We often do not think of things happening like that in town, but we can assure you they do.

2) Give yourself extra time to stop and make sure to allow for extra time for school traffic if you are on those high traffic roads.

A modern hybrid vehicle driving down the road on a nice autumn day.

3) Another reason to drive extra careful in the morning is fog. Cold fall mornings can be one of the worst times for fog. Use your fog lights; don’t use high beams because it will create glare, which makes it even more difficult to see.  If your headlights to not seem to shine as bright, bring your car into Polzin Glass for a quick check.  Over time, headlights can become foggy and may need some extra attention.

4) Be prepared for sun glare.  We have all been there – driving up a hill or into the sun and flipping down our visor to help shield our eyes.  A little planning can help during these moments.  Make sure you have sunglasses in your car if you like to use them.  Empty any storage above your visor so you can quickly bring them down when needed.   And, make sure your windshield is clean.

At Polzin Glass, we put safety first.  When it comes to glass repair, you’ll find that we are the best solution for your car, truck, tractor or RV.