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A Properly Installed Windshield Can Save Your Life!


Safety Checklist

  • We have Certified Installers.
    Certification tests are taken by all employees as well as continuous training to stay current with changes in the industry.


  • Our Installers follow the Full-Cutout Method.
    This is very important. Some companies/installers don’t follow this to save time and use less product.  The Full-Cutout Method is the ONLY method approved by vehicle manufacturers.


  • Does the passenger’s side air bag and the roof of my vehicle count on the windshield to be installed properly?
    YES! The passenger’s side air bag can hit the windshield at over 200 mph!  If the w/s is not properly installed it could pop out during an accident greatly increasing the possibility of more severe injuries or death.YES! The w/s and back window of your vehicle can provide up to 60% of the roof strength in a roll over accident. If either one is incorrectly installed they may fail to hold up the roof and that could cause it to collapse down on the passengers.  As manufacturers continue to find ways to make vehicles lighter and cheaper to produce, glass is being counted on even more as one of the most important safety features in your vehicle.


  • We use OEM quality glass and urethane.
    Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM quality is the best available.  OEM glass is made by glass manufactureres that make OEM Glass so it is the best quality and held to a high standards.   Insist on having OEM quality products used for your vehicle so you can get the best quality glass to protect your family.  There are cheaper products out there and some companies are willing to cut corners by using those products and skipping important steps in the replacement process.  What’s more important, your safety or a few dollars?


  • We provide a Guarantee.
    We stand behind our work. That means we are confident that the job will be done right the first time and if there is a problem it will be taken care of.  Whether it’s an air noise, a water leak or a stress crack.


  • We are AGRSS Certified.
    Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard
    This shows you that we are paying attention to the current changes and improvements in the industry. So you can be sure you and your family are safe after the work is done.  Your safety is our #1 concern.  Go to safewindshields.com for more information.

Remember, Minnesota State Law allows YOU to choose who replaces your windshield, so to make sure it’s done right, make Polzin Glass your first call.  We will take care of the insurance paperwork for you!

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