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Signs your windshield was improperly installed


When it comes to windshields, quality installation of a quality product by a trained specialist is a must. The windshield, like seatbelts and air bags, is part of a vehicle’s safety restraint system designed to keep you and your passengers safe.


Improperly installed windshields can compromise that safety, causing death or injury during a crash. Failure of the windshield can affect passenger side air bag deployment, reduce roof support integrity and cause drivers and passengers to eject if a windshield detaches.


Without federal laws regulating the glass industry, care needs to be taken in finding a highly-experienced technician focused on safety rather than simply installing a windshield.

Man repairing and replacing the glass on a car.


Basic questions and observations will assure you’ve chosen a trained installer like Polzin Glass

who will do the job right. Ask questions about prep work, cleaning and use of a rust inhibitor. Exposed metal can result in rust and a weakened seal, a major safety problem.


Check that the newly-installed windshield is centered and lies flush to the vehicle’s frame. Molding around the glass should also lie flat. Wind or water leaks signal air pockets. All indicate possible inferior installation.


Glass that appears wavy suggests the windshield does not meet manufacturer recommended specifications.


By following these basics, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen a trained auto glass installer like Polzin Glass who puts safety first.

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A windshield does more than keep out wind, rain, snow and flying debris. It also serves as a safety shield to protect you and your passengers. That’s why an improper windshield installation can be dangerous.

If you need your vehicle’s windshield replaced, look beyond cost to the quality of the installer.  At Polzin Glass, we keep on the latest training, products and industry standards.  We don’t cut corners and you can count on our integrity.

Defective installation at a seemingly bargain price can result in serious injury and even death if the windshield fails during a crash. You risk being thrown through the windshield or rear window and being crushed during a rollover due to improper installation. Unfortunately, when someone comes in with a vehicle, with a windshield installation that was faulty, it’s not easy to fix! We normally can’t tell what is wrong without doing a bunch of tests to figure it out. Then, in most situations, we will need to remove the glass and re-install it (if it doesn’t break when we take it out), so that we can get it installed properly. We have seen it far too many times, the insurance company makes you think you don’t have a choice on where you take your own car (Even though Minnesota State law allows you to go to ANY shop of your choice) so don’t be fooled! Call us at Polzin Glass and we will help you get the claim made, then we will take care of all the paperwork and even bill your insurance company for you too.

As experienced glass installers, will assure you are protected by carefully removing the old windshield and sealant, by cleaning the area, and by using OEM quality glass and manufacturer recommended adhesives for the replacement.

Any issues you are currently having, with the glass sealing to the body, indicate weakening of the vehicle’s structural integrity. If you spot problem areas, see Polzin Glass.  Only then can you be certain you and your passengers are fully protected while on the road.

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When a farmer has broken glass in his tractor cab, it is usually something they want to get fixed quickly so that no time in the field is lost.  At Polzin Glass, our Faribault and Northfield locations can assist with all makes and models of tractor cabs.

However, there are a few questions that we may need answers to that can help speed up the process.

Q: Did the glass crack or shatter in a million little pieces?

A: If it is cracked then it is probably Laminated glass and if it shattered then it is Tempered glass.
Tractor Glass

Q: Is the glass intact?

A: If so, it is Laminated glass and we can use that piece to make a pattern and cut a new piece.  If you lost or threw the glass away, we will need to make a pattern from the metal frame and then cut the new glass from that pattern.


Q:  Did the glass have a hole in it for wipers or hinges?

A: If so, you would need to get a new piece of glass from a tractor dealer and we will install it for you.  If you chose to do this, please call us to schedule an appointment.


Q: Do you still have the rubber that held the glass?

A: If  you still have the rubber and it is in good shape, we can reuse the old rubber. If you do not have the old rubber or it is cracked/ripped, we do have new rubber gasket for it.


Q: Can you bring the window or frame to the shop?

A: If you can bring the frame to our Northfield or Faribault shop, it will save you money.   Of course, if you need us to we can come there to make the pattern(s) & then come back to install once we cut & sand the new glass to the patterns.


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Ah, Summer.  It is that time when Minnesotans get outdoors and start adventures.  It is also the time of year that you get your camper or RV out of storage and do an inspection to see what needs to be taken care of before your summer adventures can get started. If you find that the little rock chip from last summer’s travel has turned into a big crack, don’t worry, just call your local glass shop (like Polzin Glass) and let us handle the glass damage, you can just relax and get ready for a fun summer!
RV Glass Repair

Before you cancel or delay your summer getaway because of broken glass, here are some tips on gathering the right information so you can get in, get it repaired and get on your way.

Most all RV and camper glass takes a little more work to get done properly. It’s best if you have all the information from the manufacturer sticker and your policy card for the insurance. It can also help if you have pictures of the damaged glass/window/screen.

You could make cardboard templates for the exact glass size and shape that you need, but it’s best if you let a professional make the patterns. Even better, just remove the frame and bring it in or stop by with the camper or RV for the shop (like Polzin Glass) to look at it.  At times, tempered safety glass may be ordered to fit your patterns, or even polycarbonate (plastic).

We’ll look at the damage and suggest the safest solution for you and your family.

Talk to us at Polzin Glass today.

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According to an Article from Matt Helms, when it comes to that nasty film that builds up on the inside of windshields, blame your dashboard — or any other number of plastics and vinyl products used in automotive interiors.   So, what is the film inside your windshield?

Per the article:

Our dashboards and other interior components are supple and long lasting for a reason — there are chemical compounds in them to make them that way. Without those ingredients, they’d get brittle and be prone to cracks.

Problem is, those chemicals don’t stay stuck to the vinyl or plastic forever. They gas out, especially in heat, and stick to nearby surfaces such as our windshields.

“The process that you are observing is called desorption,” writes David Felbeck, a University of Michigan professor emeritus of mechanical engineering. “This is the process where individual molecules that are weakly attached to a surface randomly get kicked off into space and then are deposited on another surface.

“The problem is worse with new cars because there is so much junk put into upholstery to make it look good. If you have ever kept a car for many years (as I did during my student years), you would notice that the problem diminishes with time. I currently have a 2-year-old car and I still have the desorption problem.”

You can reduce the amount of plastics-related chemicals you breathe by keeping windows open a crack and by setting the heater or air-conditioning so that they draw in fresh air rather than recirculate inside air.

At Polzin Glass, we keep up on the latest information regarding windshields and your well being.  For a name you can trust in windshield repair, contact Polzin Glass today.


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As glass experts, we often find ourselves telling customers that we provide O.E.M. quality glass.  Yet, what does that mean to you, the customer?

O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Perfectly clear now, right?   Actually, knowing what it stands for is just part of the equation.  O.E.M. quality glass is the best quality available.  It means the O.E.M. quality glass is the same color, DURABILITY, thickness, size and shape as the original window specs.  Sometimes even better quality!!

In addition, this high-quality glass means protection for you and your family.  When it comes to replacing a windshield, it is part of the safety structure of your vehicle!!  This is not the place to cut corners & get cheap low quality glass.

Some glass repair shops will use the cheaper options, we will not.  To us, keeping you, your family and friends safe in your car in much more important than cutting a few corners to save a few extra dollars.

When choosing for your families safety, chose O.E.M. quality glass installed by Polzin Glass in Northfield & Faribault.

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Outgassing – no, it is not a bodily function.  It is when chemical particles are released from something plastic.  Often, a windshield will have a film on the inside.  It can be tough to clean, it can hinder your visual driving at night.   Like us, you may have just grabbed your cleaner and thought, “How the heck does my windshield get so dirty inside?”

However, that new car smell may actually be outgassing.  The heat of the summer interacts with UV-rays on glass and the interior plastic parts.  At times, the interior of the vehicle can reach 110 degrees and that temperature can release toxic chemicals.  The chemical gasses and particles cause an oily film to cling to the windshield.

Check out this mom’s blog to see her experiment with this.  This is the photo from her experiment.

In a 2006 article, L.A. Time writer, Ralph Vartabedian stated: As PVC ages, the plasticizers form gases which escape from the plastic. Out gassing causes an oily fog on interior car windows that are a headache to clean up and ultimately restrict visibility. Although all PVC undergoes some out gassing of plasticizers, it is more pronounced in a car because on hot sunny days, a PVC dashboard can reach 200 degrees. Ultraviolet rays also accelerate PVC aging and out gassing.

In fact, Car Talk interviewed Ecology expert Jeff Gearhart who did a study on this topic.   He said, “The problem is that many of these chemicals are unregulated when it comes to using them in car interiors. And they have all kinds of negative impacts on your health. Short-term problems include headaches and nausea.”

Gearhart also said, “The average American spends over 1.5 hours in his car every day … and over time, that’s thousands of hours, sitting there breathing those fumes.
Long term, the result can be memory loss, cognitive, nervous and immune system problems, hormone and reproductive disorders and cancer. Did I mention memory loss?
Also, memory loss.”

So, what can you do to protect yourself?   Gearhart suggests, “When you park your car, leave the windows open a crack to improve ventilation. Open your doors and thoroughly ventilate your car before getting in.
You can also park in the shade whenever possible, or use a solar reflector in the windshield, because heat and UV exposure accelerates the release of some chemicals.”

At Polzin Glass, we recommend periodic cleaning of your window’s interior as a normal maintenance function.   People often think that low light glare is normal.  That is not the case.  Clean glass allows light to pass through it unhindered.  Please keep your interior windshield & all other windows clean for your safety.


To learn more about how toxins affect your health, click here

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